"Modern, catchy rockā€¦ Kings of the power ballad. (elements) of
Radiohead, Marilyn Manson and Pink Floyd." - Tacoma Weekly

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Welcome to the home page of the band Too Late for Roses. Here we have links to free mp3s downloads / free rock music, itunes album links, band photos, song lyrics, and more. So, what’s this doing way down here? Basically, if you have a minimalist / sleek webpage, there’s no text for the search engines to ”read’ and use to figure out what your website’s about. So, here’s some text for Google and the others to sort thorugh. So, on with the blabbing. What do we have? free rock music, Downloads mp3 downloads. Too Late for Roses is a Central California band, based near San Luis Obispo but with musical connections to New York and Boston. We play interesting rock, post-pop, and alternative rock, if you had to make us describe our sound. We might sound a bit like Muse mixed with the Deftones, Jeff Buckley, and a smidgin of Metric, but that’s probably nonsense. Download mp3s from the album and decide for yourself. We’re active with Surfrider and other environmental groups, the band also teamed up with Animator Pat Smith on the Soundtrack to the new movie “Masks” (comes out June 18!). Too Late for Roses first record “Debut” came out June 1st, and the band is giving away the first single from the record “Take Me Out” as a free rock mp3 download – grab it at the form above. More music, video clips, photos, and more coming soon, so sign the guest list and stay in touch. So, download mp3s and enjoy. Thanks. Music style: Rock, electro-acoustic experimentation, loop. We mix flute, voice, guitars, drums, bass, synth, and whatever else we have around at the time. So! Get your free rock music here… downloads mp3 downloads ! [ Keywords: free rock mp3, mp3s, free rock music, download album, new rock band, new rock mp3s, new alternative rock, free album download ]