The lamest video on Surfline?


Surfline responded, and took the video down.  The deal is that this video appeared in a’user moderated’ section of the site, so it wasn’t vetted in the usual way.  Very nice of them to act so quickly (not surprising they didn’t dig the Pismo Jetski antics once they reviewed it).
So, yay Surfline – check them out here!      [ And support the Central Coast Marine Sanctuary! ]

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Download our new free EP at  – free mp3s of new california rock music

This normally useful website is promoting a ‘featured local video’ of guys just… riding jetskis.  On a totally paddle-able beachbreak.  Note that they’re not using the jetskis to tow-in, or travel somewhere.  They’re  just… screwing around in the surf-zone.   Where the actual surfers surf.  WTF?

Can you imagine paddling out and having these three jackasses wizzing around on their polluting, loud, unsafe gizmos when you’re trying to catch waves?  Sorry, JetSki guys, your right to ride around like a moron stops when you do it on densely-surfed, ridable waves, or degrade the beach experience of the entire rest of the world.

What’s next, Surfline celebrating the leaf-blower? The incredibly lame ATV scene? This is the LAST THING they should be promoting on a surf site.

I’m not linking to the actual video because I don’t want to reward this video with page-views and banner clicks, but here’s a screen-cap:


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Let’s encourage them to not celebrate the -needless- motorized degradation of the surf-zone.

– Karl

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