Photos from the “Masks” Premiere in New York

The rough cut of “Masks” premiered in New York on the 18th of June, and we had a great turnout for the night.  Pat Smith showed all of his short films, from “Drink” (his first, and the first one I did the music for as well), “Delivery” (another PS / KvK collaboration), then onto “Handshake” and the darkly hilarious “Puppet”.  Then the piece-de-resistance – “Masks”!

It was well received by the 92Y Tribeca crowd.  We did a quick Q&A session, mingled with the animation fans (a pretty different world than the usual rock-show crowd), and headed out into the downtown New York summer night.    Good times…   In a couple of weeks Pat and I will make a few edits and tweaks , make a 35mm film print, and hit the film festival circuit in the Fall.

Want a preview? Check out the soundtrack now:

Audio MP3

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