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Photos from the “Masks” Premiere in New York

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

The rough cut of “Masks” premiered in New York on the 18th of June, and we had a great turnout for the night.  Pat Smith showed all of his short films, from “Drink” (his first, and the first one I did the music for as well), “Delivery” (another PS / KvK collaboration), then onto “Handshake” and the darkly hilarious “Puppet”.  Then the piece-de-resistance – “Masks”!

It was well received by the 92Y Tribeca crowd.  We did a quick Q&A session, mingled with the animation fans (a pretty different world than the usual rock-show crowd), and headed out into the downtown New York summer night.    Good times…   In a couple of weeks Pat and I will make a few edits and tweaks , make a 35mm film print, and hit the film festival circuit in the Fall.

Want a preview? Check out the soundtrack now:

Audio MP3

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Photos from Show at Downtown Brew

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

We had a great time – thanks Korie, DTB, Kip, and everyone… We were able to invite Chad Schmid of the Wadsworth Bluff Rats  to open for us, and we loved Threes and Nines high energy set.